Ch. Afara Janel
Ch. Tafarnwr Dreadnought X Ch. Afara Zaphira

Nancy, Janel and Emily handling for Janel's second major win.

Janel was sent to us by Paul Chen and has been leased with good friend Nancy Willoughby. Janel comes from a spectacular litter full of quality and is a daughter of multiple group winner and Megan winner Ch. Tafarnwr Dreadnought! Janel combines extremely correct movement all three ways with to-die-for type. She is a Cardigan with strong, hard to get virtues, such as exceptional prosternum, long second thigh, short loin with correct length and depth of ribbing. She has the most perfect Cardigan profile, with proper curves and sweep, that I have seen. Janel is very loving with people, and gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children. Janel has proven her worth as a brood bitch by producing our Uno, and our latest addition, Chili Palmer.

Janel is now retired from our breeding program.

Janel's Health Tests

Janel has had her OFA prelim at 19 months of age, and has a fair rating.
Janel has had her PennHip Xrays evaluated. Her distraction scores are 0.52/0.58, in the 60th percentile of the breed.
Janel's spine has been Xrayed. She has even disk spaces with no calcification, but she has an extra lumbar vertebrae, and a transitional vertebrae. In May 2010 Janel has had a minor disk incident, she is completely recovered after 6 weeks of steriods and cage rest.
Janel is passing with no notes for elbows, WCC-EL132F25-PI
Janel's MSU thyroid panel was normal, not submitted to the database
Janel's patella examinations were normal.
CERF normal at 8 weeks of age and one year of age, not submitted to database.
CERF at age 26 months, WCC-1070.
Janel is PRA clear through her line
Janel is genetically at risk for Degenerative Myelopathy.*

* What does this mean? Janel is genetically "at risk", A/A; she carries two genes for degenerative myelopathy. While this is not the scenario we were hoping for, it is not the end for Janel. DM is a serious, but normally old age, disease that does not strike every dog that is genetically affected (because Janel must encounter the "right" environmental or stress triggers). Since we are breeding Janel to our Bryn and Grendal, whose result were genetically "normal", N/N, we can still breed her safely and only produce carriers, N/A. Carriers will be extremely unlikely to produce the disease as the age of onset would likely be at least 20 to 30 years.

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Champion Tafarnwr DreadnoughtChampion Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROM, BISS, BISCH Spectrum Harlem Shuffle ROMS
CH Coedwig's Lilac
Champion Coedwig Tafarnwr Full CircleCH Sterling's Roodle Doodleman
CH Tafarnwr Coedwig Silver Lining ROM
Champion Afara ZaphiraShadowalk Kraeken AfaraCH Phi-Vestavia Nautilus ROMB, BISS
CH Shadowalk Make Believe
Champion Shadowalk PV Evensong AfaraCH Coedwig Vestavia Luminescence
CH Shadowalk PV Under A Silver Lining
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