Ch. Kaos-Rubad Wild Draw Four
Ch. Rubad Harrow Brython, HT, CGC X Ch. Afara Janel

My club, The Dayton Dog Training Dog Training Club, got an inquiry looking for a dog for a national dog food brand's perscription foods. I sent photos of Uno to the director. The dog food manufacturer loved Uno's look and we were booked for the gig! The result was a 16 minute film of Uno looking back and forth at the two actors, chewing a bone and chasing a ball. The poor actors worked for hours but all that was on film was their legs! I got an email from the director letting me know that the vets at the manufacturer loved Uno on film and thought she was "perfect for her breed".

Uno on the set of a national pet food company's trade show movie.

Uno is the star and the human actors are nothing but legs!

A long, hard day on set!