GCh. Telltail Spenser for Hire X GCh. RRR Infinity of Love


The elegant Hug is back in the ring this year, in both AKC and UKC. Hug is now a UKC Emerald Grand Champion. Hug has 5 Best in Shows, 3 Reserve Best in Shows, a Best of the Best win and many group placements in UKC. He was the 2020 #1 UKC Cardigan and #1 UKC herding dog.

Hug winning a UKC Best in Show.

Hug is back out in AKC spring of 2021 and has four group 3, a group 2 and a group 1 so far. In very limited showing (as of May 31, 2021) he is #10 Cardigan all breed ranking and #15 Cardigan in the breed. He is the #1 Cardigan and #4 herding dog in UKC rankings.

Hug is from Tullia's second litter from May of 2018 with the beautiful, moderate boy Spenser. Co-bred with Cammy Long.

The beautiful and majestic Hug.

This Keats grandson is a pretty black brindle with a lot of things going for him. Light on his feet, his nice angles give him good side movement and he is clean coming/going. I love his head planes, level topline and short loin. He is back from Moonfox kennel and will be out showing with Nancy in 2021. Look for this boy in a show ring near you.

In spite of being shaved for an ultrasound just days before we left for the 2019 National in May, Hug still won 3rd place in the bred-by exhibitor class.

Hug and Finn helped mom Tullia win Brood Bitch class at the 2021 National! It's every breeder's dream to reproduce their quality parent with quality offspring who match her in type.

Hug scored an AOM at the 2021 National (one of the top 16 placements) in a field of 440 Cardigans! The 2021 National was the largest ever.

Hug's health tests:
DM carrier by test
PRA clear by test
OFA Good,
Pink (ee) clear
Fluff Carrier
CERF Normal at age 2.5, spine normal, OFA.
Hug carries one copy of the variant that causes cystinuria in Cardigans. Cystinuria affects only intact males, as it is testosterone driven.

These are two of Hug's sons and a fluffy daughter from a litter bred by Jill Rauh.


GCh. Telltail Spenser for Hire X GCh. RRR Infinity of Love


Finn at the 2019 National Specialty in St. Louis.

Finn has exploded onto the show scene by going Reserve Winner's Dog for a 3 point major at the 2019 National Specialty show under breeder judge Jon Breckenridge-Mitchell, and then repeated this feat under breeder judge Jacque Glenn at the 2021 National! Finn has both majors and 11 points toward his AKC Champion title. A litter brother to our Hug, Finn is owned by Tracy and Rebecca and is being trained in 4H conformation, agility and obedience by Rebecca. Finn has easy, ground eating side movement and is very clean coming/going. I love his very straight, medium length coat with profuse undercoat. Finn is a force to be reckoned with!

multiple group winner *silver level
Ch. Shadowalk Trademark X Ch. Beaszak's Running With Scissors


Keats is now retired and neutered.

This gorgeous boy came to live at Rubad in the summer of 2013 and had a fabulous show career always owner handled by Nancy. He was shown into the top 5 in the breed and in all-breed competition in 2014.

Keats is the sire of our RRR Infinity of Love, Tullia. He is one of the best Cardigan Corgis alive, with excellent, balanced structure, superb movement, and awesome attitude for show and performance. His sisters Kitara and Venus are equal in quality to Keats. He's an excellent herding dog as well as a beautiful show dog. Keats is now retired, has been neutered and is now his daddy's couch-Cardigan. We have frozen semen, available to select bitches.

Keats won BOB/G3 under judge Pat Trotter in Columbus, OH in April, 2016! Also in 2016, he won yet another National Specialty AOM under breeder judge Vivian Moran.

Keats won Best Opposite at Westminster, February, 2015!

Keats wins back-to-back Group 1 at the COKC shows in Columbus, OH in April, 2015! Keats won Best Opposite at Westminster, February, 2015 and an AOM under Bill Shelton at the 2015 Cardigan National in May 2015!

Keats ended 2014 as the #6 Cardigan by breed points and #4 Cardigan by all breed points. He was the #1 Cardigan in 2014 in the Owner Handled Series and #79 Owner Handled in All Breeds.

Keats wins Group 1 and Owner Handled Group 1 at the Delaware, OH KC show on October 26, 2014!

Keats wins BOB at the Lorain KC show in a large field of specials on Sept. 9, 2014, amassing over 50 breed points. He went on to win a regular Group 4, Owner Handled Group 1 and Best OH in Show!

Keats G1 Columbus, April, 2015

Keats went best brindle dog and BOS in the Megan color competition and Select Dog in the Best of Breed competition at our 2014 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America National Specialty show in St. Louis at the Purina event center.

National Specialty judge Cathy Ochs-Cline's writeup about Keats in the Cardigan Bulletin: "Lovely brindle boy brimming with style and soundness. He has a pleasing headpiece, good balanced angulation and was a powerful mover. He was presented very well and showed his heart out to the very end. I felt that he just wasn't as masculine as my winner although he pushed hard. One to watch in the future." Thank you, Cathy, for this fabulous win!

All Megan photos by Phyllis Ensley Photography, copyright owned by Nancy Willoughby.

He has multiple Owner Handled group wins, as well as multiple placements in both groups, an Owner Handled Best In Show, and multiple group wins.

Keats completed his AKC Grand Champion title in October of 2013, and is a silver level grand champion.

I judged this dog when he was a puppy at the CWCCWR spring puppy match, and gave him Best in Match. I am pleased to have had the chance to co-own him as my show-pal. He is a beautiful, moderate dog that oozes quality - weighing 35 lbs, he is in the middle of the dog standard. There is nothing overdone about this dog and he fits the standard as well as any Cardigan I have seen. He has moderate bone, lovely correct angles, correct rib spring, beautiful head planes, a near perfect front assembly, beautiful long upper arm and second thigh, and a very correct coat. The thing I appreciate most about him is his powerful, driving rear. His correct structure gives him sound movement all three ways, and he has energy and attitude to spare. He has a lovely, foxy male head and profile. When I first got this dog, I felt that he had top ten specials potential. Now that I have lived with him, I believe that had he been professionally handled this dog could have given a good run at #1 Cardigan, and he ended 2014 in the top 5 with me handling.

Keats winning a Group 2 and Owner Handled Group 1 under Sonny Ambrosio.

Keats at the Western Reserve show 2013

Big thank you to Keats' breeders Ferris and JoAnne Beashau of Beauguile Cardigans for sending him to live at Rubad and to continue his specials career with me. Keats is a dream to live with - he's a happy, friendly boy that loves people and has no problem with other dogs. This is a very biddable dog that loves to please and is a dream to train. Not just a show dog, this boy is my pet.

Keats with mommy Joanne

He's a happy dog!

Keats has a high prey drive and is a very high energy dog. In his first outing on sheep, he showed real promise, arcing around the sheep, up the fence line and pushed the flock directly to me, all on instinct. Though we never titled him in herding, he had a wonderful sense of the "bubble", and had intensity and power on his stock.

Co-owned with Ferris and Joanne.

Keats Group 4 under judge James Moses

Keats' health tests:
DM clear by test
PRA Carrier by test
OFA Good
Pink Carrier
Fluff Carrier
CERF Normal (WCC-EYE106/44M-VPI)
Cardiac Normal (WCC-CA74/44M/C-VPI)
OFA Patella Normal (OFA #WCC-PA50/46M/P-VPI)

Keats is affected with cystinuria. He is known to carry one copy of a dominantly inherited gene isolated by UPenn. There is at least one other gene involved in the genetics of cystinuria in Cardigans. Hopefully there will soon be a genetic test commercially available. Cystinuria only affects intact males in Cardigans.

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