CGC, 2 X AOM National Specialty, AOM Regional Specialty
Ch. Coedwig's Carbon Blue, ROMg, BIS, BISS  x  Ch. Pecan Valley Run Ruby Run, ROMb, AX, OAJ, AXP, AJP, CGC

SEPT 22, 2002 - JUNE 3, 2017


Sophia winning an Award of Merit in 2008 under breeder/judge Leah James.

Beautiful from the day she was born, and a natural show dog. Sophia at 5 weeks of age.

Sophia was the first born and the crown jewel of Rubad Cardigans. I had in mind what I thought I could improve in breeding Ruby to Carbon, but Sophia far surpassed that. Her structure was close to ideal for the breed and she was just, plain beautiful. She had a beautiful length and depth of ribbing, good shoulder layback, perfect slightly sloping croup, perfect tailset and carriage. Sophia had good, moderate angulation that allowed her the floating, free and easy movement that I wish my kennel to be known for. On top of that, she had beautiful finish details - nice, rounded ears, beautiful, tight, round feet, lovely padded muzzle and soft, melting expression.

She finished easily, winning best of breed three times from the classes over top 10 specials, including one spectacular day at the Lorain KC show in Oberlin, OH. The day after the OH regional in 2003, she went best of breed at the tender age of 10 months over specials, 3 of them Cardigans in the top ten including the then #1 dog in the country, and a total of 50. An amazing feat for a young puppy, she went on to win a puppy herding group 1st later that day.

After that she amassed an impressive string of show wins including Best Black Bitch and Runner Up to Best Cardigan in the Megan competition, 2004 at the National Specialty show; Runner Up Black Bitch and Best Black Bitch the next two years in a row. She had won a group 1st and multiple group placements before her second birthday and in 2008 had a second group win under Pembroke breeder/judge Neena Van Camp. In the UKC venue, she won a Best in Multibreed Show with junior handler Emily Geisler. In 2008, Sophia won a National Specialty Award of Merit under breeder/judge Leah James in April and then a Regional Specialty AOM under breeder/judge Gayle Garvin in August. She went on to win a second National Specialty AOM in 2009 under famed and respected breeder/judge Jonathan Kimes and a second Regional AOM under English judge Simon Parsons. Of all of Sophia's many wins her National AOM under Jon is particularly sweet, as I consider him to be one of the greatest Cardigan breeders of all time.

Sophia at age 13 with our Tullia

Sophia with mom in June, 2017.

Sophia in her prime at a show in WV, waiting to show.

Arguably the best tricolor Cardigan bitch in the US for her time. Sophia is still my ideal Cardigan, and the style I strive to produce. She passed away from a possible brain tumor June 6, 2017. My personal pet and most beloved one, I miss her every day.

Sophia winning BOB at Lorain KC show August 2003.

Sophia's Health Tests

CERF 2007
OFA hips WCC-1073F28F-PI (fair)
OFA elbow WCC-EL51F28-PI (normal)
Thyroid WCC-TH7/28F-PI (normal)
OFA patella (normal)
OFA Cardic WCC-CA10/41F/C-PI (normal)
Spinal xray at 3.5 years and an MRI at age 4.5 showed a minor anomoly in two disks of her hip area. This caused a mid-back disk bulge that has since healed.
PRA Line Cleared
Herding instinct tested (passed)
Punctate (breeder's option) cataracts at age 3. Small feather cataracts (not passing) at age 3.5 years.
Degenerative Myelopathy, carrier, WCC-DM21/7F-PI-CAR

Sophia winning a UKC Best In Multibreed Show

Sophia's sire Carbon winning best stud dog at the 2008 Cardigan National Specialty assisted by half sisters Sophia and Maya - type breeds true!

Silver GCh OH BIS Beaguile's Suit Up X Ch Raglan Renaissance


Not to be upstaged by her sons at the 2019 National Specialty in St. Louis, Tullia achieved an Award of Merit under respected breeder judge, Jon Kimes. She had some nice wins in 2018 and early 2019 and is now retired from the show ring.

Tullia finished her AKC Championship in style by going Winner's Bitch and Best Bred-By at the Cardigan National Specialty in May of 2016! Tullia is back in the show ring in late 2018 and will be shown in 2019.

Named for a Renaissance poet to tie in both dad Keats and mom Phoebe, Tullia is named for Tullia D'Aragona, a famed 16th century courtesan-poet, who wrote the book Dialogues on the Infinity of Love in 1547.

Tullia exploded onto the show scene at just over 6 months of age, winning WB and BOW both days at the East Lansing, MI show in November, 2015 under breeder judges Dave and Debbie Anthony. She had both majors and is half way to her champion title in only one weekend! She won 2 points in Indianapolis and the 4 point major in Louisville, following in her mother's pawsteps! Shown just 6 times, Tullia finished at the National with four majors under breeder judges.

I am extremely grateful to co-breeders, Jill Rauh of Rhyfeddol and Amy Hill of Raglan kennels (hence, RRR), for letting me lease their Phoebe for this litter. Though we only got two, the lone girl, Tullia, was everything I was hoping for in this breeding.

Tullia has beautiful structure, lovely dark pigment and eyes, lovely head piece with correct proportions. She is correctly stationed with excellent body length and has a long, correctly shaped rib cage. She has just the right amount of substance for the breed while still managing to be beautifully feminine. Tullia has an awesome, friendly and happy temperament that draws her favorite things - people and other dogs - to her.

Her topline is level and she carries her low set tail correctly on the move. She moves very well all three ways and has that spark that separates the nice show prospects from the truly great ones. Tullia has produced nice puppies in her two litters.

Tullia enjoying her trip to the 2016 Nationals!

Tullia's mother Phoebe finishing her CH title at the Louisville supported entry
show under Pembroke breeder judge, Anne Bowes, with Nancy handling.

Tullia Health Tests
Tullia is N/A, Carrier, for Degenerative Myelopathy, WCC-DM515/2F-NOPI-CAR
Carrier for PRA,WCC-PRA100/2F-NOPI-CAR
Elbows OFA Normal,WCC-EL529F24-VPI
OFA eye test, breeder's option iris to iris PPM's, WCC-EYE213/23F-VPI
Redone in January 2019, Normal, WCC-EYES213/43F-VPI
OFA thyroid panel, normal, WCC-TH66/23F-PI
OFA patellas, normal
Fluff Carrier
Pink, Ee, carrier
Tullia carries one copy of the variant for cystine stones. It is dominantly inherited, testosterone driven. So, girls and neutered boys are not affected, only intact males who carry one or two copies of the gene are affected.

Tullia Xrays can be found here:Tullia's Hip and Elbow Xrays

Ch.Coedwig Vestavia Luminescence, ROM, CD, HT,RN, RA, OAJ, NA, CGC  x  Ch. Pecan Valley My Blue Shiner


02 APR 1999 - 11 AUG 2014

The intrepid Ruby winning 2nd place in her veterans class at the 2008 National!

We lost our Ruby in 2014 and still miss her every day. She was a wonderful girl with a sunshine personality.

Ruby was my first Cardigan and first finished champion. After falling in love with Laser on the Coedwig Cardigan website I had to have a Laser puppy. Luckily, a puppy was made available to me from one of his litters. Born April 2, 1999, Ruby came to our home as a performance dog, but stud dog owner Kim Shira talked me into doing conformation with her. Ruby finished her championship at 14 months of age and went on to become a great agility dog, earning her excellent titles with ease. Because of Ruby's solid structure and wonderful temperament, I decided that she deserved to be represented in the Cardigan gene pool. She proved her worth as a producer, giving me eight beautiful puppies with Coedwig's Carbon Blue, BIS, BISS, ROM. Ruby and Carbon produced two champions; the spectacular Sophia, as well as a gorgeous boy, Deco, who has agility titles and is heading toward his prefered MACH title. It is through Deco that Ruby's legacy continues in the Rubad breeding program. She also produced Cheetah with an agility and a rally title, and Millie with a novice agility title and a fifth Ruby kid, Rhys, has an obedience CD.

Ruby's kindly expression and manner endeared her to all everyone she met! She particularly loved children and had an excellent rapport with little ones. Ruby was my soulmate and the foundation of Rubad. She was a Cardigan with a "can do" attitude. Thanks to Betty Ann Seely for breeding Ruby and for her continued mentorship.

Ruby's Health Tests

OFA Hips WCC-982F57F-NOPI (fair)
PennHip DI = 0.62 (breed avg)
CERF #WCC-812N/2007-94 (normal)
MI State U Thyroid Panel (normal)
PRA Unaffected, Non-carrier
Herding Instinct Tested - passed
Spine Xray age 5 - normal
Veterinary patella exam - normal
Degenerative Myelopathy, genetic test WCC-DM4/11F-NOPI-CAR, carrier*

*Carriers for DM are not able to develop disease, but they can pass on copies of the gene to progeny. This is a new test that has just become available for Cardigans in 2008.

Ruby in her younger days doing agility
Ruby herding in 2008 at age 9

Ch. Tafarnwr Dreadnought x Ch. Afara Zaphira


23 FEB 2006 - 31 DEC 2012

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to add Janel to our breeding program! Janel was owned by Paul Chen and had been leased with good friends Suzanne and Emily Geisler. She retired to Florida to live with Suzanne's mother, but passed away too young from possible Addison's disease. She was retired from breeding after it was found that one of her puppies was Addisonian. Janel came from a spectacular litter full of quality and is a daughter of multiple group winner and Megan winner Ch. Tafarnwr Dreadnought! Janel combined extremely correct movement all three ways with to-die-for type. She was a Cardigan with strong, hard to get virtues, such as exceptional prosternum, long second thigh, short loin with correct length and depth of ribbing. She had a perfect Cardigan profile, with proper curves and sweep. Janel was very loving with people, and got along well with other dogs, cats, and children. She was acquired specifically to breed to our boy, Ch. Rubad-Harrow Brython, to improve type and movement and also to continue on with exceptional temperaments. Janel proved her worth as a brood bitch by producing our Uno, and our latest addition, Chili Palmer.

Janel's Health Tests

Janel has had her OFA prelim at 19 months of age, and has a fair rating.
Janel has had her PennHip Xrays evaluated. Her distraction scores are 0.52/0.58, in the 60th percentile of the breed.
Janel's spine has been Xrayed. She has even disk spaces with no calcification, but she has an extra lumbar vertebrae, and a transitional vertebrae.
Janel is passing with no notes for elbows, WCC-EL132F25-PI
Janel's MSU thyroid panel was normal, not submitted to the database
Janel's patella examinations were normal.
CERF normal at 8 weeks of age and one year of age, not submitted to database.
CERF at age 26 months, WCC-1070.
Janel is PRA clear through her line
Janel is genetically at risk for Degenerative Myelopathy.*

* What does this mean? Janel is genetically "at risk", A/A; she carries two genes for degenerative myelopathy. While this is not the scenario we were hoping for, it is not the end for Janel. DM is a serious, but normally old age, disease that does not strike every dog that is genetically affected (because Janel must encounter the "right" environmental or stress triggers). Since we have bred Janel to our Bryn and Grendal, whose result were genetically "normal", N/N, we were able to breed her safely and only produce carriers, N/A. Though inherited as an autosomal dominant, carriers will be extremely unlikely to produce the disease as the age of onset would likely be at least 20 to 30 years.

CH RUBAD-HARROW BRYTHON, HT, CGC, AOM Regional Specialty, DNA Profile #V535519
Ch. Rubad Blue Rhapsody By Deco, MXP, MJP2, NFP  x  Harrow Place's Total Calamity


Bryn winning the Herding Titled class at the 2010 National under the late breeder judge Marieanne Gladstone.

Co-bred with April and Josh Clark and Lindsay Heaslip. Bryn finished his conformation championship breeder/owner handled at 9 months of age, and went on the next weekend after that to win a regional specialty Award of Merit in a field of 108 Cardigans. He easily completed the requirements for his herding tested title (HT) in June of 2009. Bryn sired our own Uno, as well as four litters in Europe. His daughter at Welshclan's in Holland was #1 Cardigan in 2011! His daughter in Germany with From-The-Stone-of-the-Scone has produced a nice litter, and has had excellent show ratings. Bryn is now retired and living the life of Reilly in Terre Haute, IN.

Bryn in his new home with his beloved ballie.

Bryn is a dream dog for performance - he's that blend of full throttle speed and rock solid steadiness that makes him a pure pleasure for herding, obedience or agility competition. He is a very strong dog with extremely good musculature and sound structure. Though most would call him a "moderate" dog - 38 pounds in show condition - Bryn is at the top of the US dog standard. I love everything about this dog except for his tailset and carriage. He can be edgy at times with other male Cardigans (normally when girls in season are about), but aside from that Bryn gets along well with other dogs, even intact males. He adores people and especially enjoys contact with the kiddies, wagging his whole body and emitting "pup noises" in greeting them.

Bryn's Health Tests

CERF Jan. 2007, normal at 8 weeks of age, not submitted to database
He has passed his one year CERF on his first birthday, WCC-1041N/2007-12, two year CERF - Bryn passed with a notation for distichia (extra eyelash)*.
Cardiology exam at one year, Normal - Cardiologist. Bryn has been examined again at age 3 and is still normal, OFA #WCC-CA29/36M/C-VPI.
OFA Patellas, WCC-PA15/15M/P-PI, Normal - Practitioner
Bryn's MI State Univ thyroid is normal, OFA #WCC-TH24/15M-PI, T4 normal June 2009.
His PRA genetic test came back non-affected/non-carrier
Bryn is OFA hip prelimed with a score of Good.
Bryn's PennHip scores are 0.42/0.37 and he is in the 90th percentile for the breed
OFA Elbows, preliminary normal at 21 months
Spinal and cervical Xrays June 2009, normal, no calcification or uneven disk spaces.
Degenerative Myelopathy genetic test WCC-DM12/22M-VPI. Bryn is genetically NORMAL, non-carrier, non-affected.
Bryn's results can be viewed on the OFA website, www.offa.org

*Distichia are referred to as "extra eyelashes". These are actually not eyelashes, but are hairlike structures with no root that occur on the eyelids. Normally these are not a problem and can easily be removed by a veterinarian, there can be hundreds in some cases, requiring surgery. Bryn has one distichia.

Bryn's Progeny Health Tests

Bryn and Janel's five puppies have had hip Xrays at 6 months of age or older. Four puppies look to have hips that would pass or have passed a preliminary hip evaluation, and one had a score of mild.
All puppies are DM carriers and PRA clear through pedigree.
All passed their puppy CERF tests with no notations. See Rubad's Girls page for Uno's and Harper's health clearances.

Below: Bryn leading Kate's puppies astray!

Bryn with my Mom and Dad at Hado Bar Farm the day he earned his HT title.


GCh. Rochars Wizard of Menlo Park at Shelshire X GCh. RRR Infinity of Love


Merlin was born October 16, 2017. He has excellent structure and a happy personality like his mom Tullia and granddaddy Keats. He is a gorgeous puppy with those perfect "markings that don't matter" and a lovely plush coat. Like his dad Edison, he has super side gait with excellent reach and drive.

Merlin wins Best in Match at the Medina, OH puppy match in February, 2018!

Merlin was puppy G1 (4 - 6 mo competition), March 10 in Auburn, IN!

Merlin has two points toward his AKC Champion title.

Unfortunately, our beloved Merlin's front assembly is not what we were looking for so he is now retired, and has been placed as a pet, to give him the individual attention that he deserves. Loved by Maggy and Rory and living in Michigan.

Merlin and his new brother Rory

Merlin's health tests:
DM carrier by test
PRA carrier by test
Pink Carrier
Fluff Carrier
Hip Xray at 8 months - looks good.
More health tests to follow

Sandsea Only In A Fairytale  x  Ch. Afara Janel


Chili is from Janel's second litter. Lovely and lovable, he is also a wonderful performance dog, especially in the agility venue. This dog has an off switch and is very easy to live with. Chili is extremely biddable and has excellent off lead obedience. Big thank you to Dr. Erin Ervine, DVM for allowing us to breed to her lovely dog Grendal.

Chili achieved his AKC Grand Champion title and is now neutered, retired and living as a beloved pet with a family in Pickerington, OH, and is loved by two families.

Chili after he finished his Grand Champion title.

Fishin' dog Chili on Lake Erie with his new family.

Chili's Health Tests
Cardiac Normal
OFA Elbows WCC-EL274M32-VPI
CERF Normal WCC-1212
PRA Normal VNL#: V1001617

Ch. Rubad-Harrow Brython, CGC, HT X Welshclan's Ultraviolet


Harper is active and has personality plus, like her half sister Uno!

Harper was imported from Holland, bred by Meta Feenstra of Welshclan's kennel and sired by our boy Bryn (Rubad-Harrow Brython). Though Harper is a higher energy Cardigan, she is a pleasure to live with and is extremely willing to please. Harper earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate at only 9 months of age! Way to go, Harper and Cam! Living with Camille Long of Columbus, OH and co-owned by Nancy and Cammy.

This bitch is not my best structured, but she does have some nice pieces, and produced two excellent puppies for us with Kosmar Striking Back Bridgelady. She is now spayed and retired from breeding.

Harper X Striker puppy, Taryn at 9 months.

Taryn is now an AKC champion and went BOS over specials several times! She has been on sheep and shows great promise. Taryn is living with and loved by co-breeder Cammy of Columbus, OH.

Harper X Striker puppy Griffin with his win ribbons. That's CHAMPION Griffin as of May 24, 2015! Congratulations to his owner Jan for finishing her first Champion! Griffin is a working therapy dog and is being trained for rally and obedience competition. He is now neutered and living with and loved by Jan and Dennis.

Both puppies are DM and PRA clear through pedigree.

Harper's Health Tests

Harper is PRA normal through her pedigree.
She has been DM tested and found to be clear (N/N) OFA #WCC-DM197/3F-PI!
Harper is OFA Good! OFA number WCC-1720G35F-NOPI
Elbows Normal (age 3)
Patellas Normal (age 3)
Cardiac Normal (age 3)
CERF (eyes) Normal, November, 2012

Ch Pecan Valley Blue Thunder X Deverry Afara Nemue


Oct 24, 2011 - May 24, 2019

Vera was from our leased bitch Nina and the beautiful dog Thunder, who was a group winner from the puppy classes. Vera won 2nd place in her 6-9 month puppy sweeps class at the 2012 National Specialty in April, 2012 at only 6 mo, 2 days of age. She won her first championship points at Kokomo KC show in Indiana May 20, 2012, going Best of Winners. Vera had a nice front assembly with a lovely long upper arm and shoulder blade, wonderful angle, just right curve of forearm around her ribcage, and slight turnout with parallel pasterns, though I would give her better front leg placement. I loved her fluid side movement, and headpiece, but she needed a better rear assembly. This girl had a sweet nature, and was a pleasure to live with. She had many strong virtues to contribute to the breed and gave us three lovely puppies in the fall of 2013. When Vera retired from breeding she, Rose and Zeppo lived with a local family.

Vera passed away too young the day after her son Zeppo was lost in a chip bag accident. She had Addison's disease and probably had an Addisonian crash due to the stress.

Vera with her new best friend

Vera at 14 months of age

Vera was A/N, carrier, for Degenerative Myelopathy
Clear for PRA through her pedigree
Hips OFA Prelim good
Vera had normal elbows (prelim)
CERF normal
Cardiac Normal at age 1 year

Vera's mother Nina, Deverry Afara Nemue, above

Vera daughter Rose is a lovely puppy with an unbeatable temperament. Rose is spayed and retired to beloved pet status.

Rose is A/N, carrier for Degenerative Myelopathy
PRA clear through pedigree

Pecan Valley Photo in Black X Rubad-Kaos Fashionista


Sept 21, 2013 - May 23, 2019

Zeppo was a Vera son, bred by Nancy Willoughby and Suzanne Geisler. A big thank you to Ruth Mulvaney and April Clark for making Zeppo's sire Frodo available to us. Frodo was a Kodak X Mystic son and had beautiful substance and movement, and was very easy to live with.

This puppy had a very correct front with perfect wrap and turnout. I loved his beautiful round bone and depth of body. He had lovely movement all three ways, perfect tailset and carriage, and level topline. He was one of the prettiest puppies ever produced at Rubad. I would give him a harsher coat and his rear is a little too much like his mother's. He was a very easygoing, sweet and smart puppy.

Zeppo was co-owned and living with a local family. Zeppo was lost in a tragic chip bag incident.

Zeppo was concentrating on Junior's competition at this time. Zeppo's owner and he had two Novice Juniors legs in AKC Junior Handling competition!

Zeppo and his daddy Frodo.

Health Tests
A/A at risk for Degenerative Myelopathy
PRA clear by pedigree
More health tests to come
Zeppo's hip prelims were OFA Mild

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